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Program TV

1 . Hits Don't Lie05/06/2020 11:35:0005/06/2020 14:00:00
VH1's hits don't lie! Get ready for the biggest and best worldwide smashes from past to present.
2 . We Love The: 00s05/06/2020 14:00:0005/06/2020 16:00:00
It's time for nothing but the best. Join us for the most epic and classic 00s anthems that made this decade an unforgettable one! Has your favourite made the cut.
3 . Guess The Year05/06/2020 16:00:0005/06/2020 17:00:00
Test your musical knowledge! Can you guess the year in which the following set of classic videos were released.
4 . Ed Sheeran: The Hits05/06/2020 17:00:0005/06/2020 18:00:00
Everyone loves a bit of Ed Sheeran, and it was a real treat putting together this playlist of Sheeran's best. So tune in and enjoy.